“From Victoria Falls to Kent: Ella’s Polo X Journey Unfolds! 🌟🏇 #horseridingvolunteer

Embarking on the Journey to Learn the Art of Polo Cross

A fantastic afternoon filled with excitement alongside Ella, our dynamic Wild Bhiza Volunteer Victoria Falls. Engaging in Polo X @horseridingvictoriafalls was a thrilling experience. Way to go, Ella! Now back in England, she has discovered a Polo X team in Kent. Keep an eye on Ella; she’s poised to become our next UK ⭐️. Ella, the journey continues!

PoloX, also known as Arena Polo or PoloCross, is a variation of traditional polo adapted for play on a smaller field. It combines elements of polo, lacrosse, and basketball. The game is typically played with teams of three riders each, and the objective is to score goals by driving a ball through the opposing team’s goalposts using a mallet. PoloX is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature, making it a thrilling equestrian sport that is accessible to a wider range of players and horses due to the smaller field size.