Embark on an extraordinary adventure Horse Riding Volunteer Programme at Wild Bhiza, where you'll not only connect with our incredible horses but also become a vital part of our local community project.

Join us on a transformative journey, and let’s make a positive impact together!

Horse Riding Volunteer at Wild Bhiza Stables

01Our Horse Riding Volunteer Programme

At the core of our project is the passion to provide horse riding volunteers with an unparalleled horseback experience within the local community. Here, you’ll delve into the intricacies of general horse care and welfare, refine your horsemanship and riding skills, and engage in an authentic African adventure around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. In return, we encourage our volunteers to share their knowledge and passion for horses and animals, becoming advocates for animal welfare as they educate local children about the well-being of animals at home.

02Our Community Projects

Beyond our exciting horse-focused activities, we at Wild Bhiza are committed to addressing critical local African issues by providing meaningful and sustainable volunteer service to local communities and fostering education, childhood development, and healthy living. We aim to inspire domestic volunteering, raise awareness of community needs, challenge stereotypes, and ultimately contribute to an improved quality of life.

What We DoTherapeutic Equestrian Empowerment

In the heart of African communities, we’re on a mission to bring smiles, build resilience, and foster growth among the youngest members. Our initiative goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on empowering children with disabilities by introducing them to the transformative world of horse riding.

What We DoEnhancingHorse Care

Imagine the thrill and sense of accomplishment as children experience the joy of riding horses. Our program is not just about equine activities; it’s a gateway to newfound confidence, physical strength, and a world of possibilities.

What We DoCommunity Engagement

Step into action with us as we embark on a mission to clean up communities, transforming littered spaces into vibrant, thriving environments. Together, we’re not just picking up trash but fostering a sense of pride and responsibility that ripples through neighbourhoods. Join us in teaching communities how to care for their animals, creating a harmonious bond that enriches lives on both ends of the leash.

What We DoSelf Empowerment

Volunteers in horse care and stable management experience self-empowerment through developing leadership skills and fostering effective teamwork. This immersive experience imparts practical knowledge and instils a sense of responsibility and empathy, empowering individuals to lead and collaborate effectively in various aspects of life.

What We DoHorticultural Teaching

Nurturing not just hearts but also the earth beneath our feet, we engage communities in horticultural teachings. Together, we cultivate land that not only provides sustenance but also serves as living classrooms, where children and adults alike learn the art of nurturing life.

What We DoNatural Horsemanship

Venturing into the world of Natural Intelligent Horsemanship, your journey takes you on a path of harmonious collaboration with these incredible creatures. It’s more than a course; it’s a hands-on exploration where mistakes transform into lessons, and understanding deepens with each interaction. Regardless of your prior experience, this course promises to be a fun and enriching experience, covering everything from join-up to horse psychology.

A young woman mastering natural horsemanship techniques amidst the African landscape.
Children From The Communal Lands During A School Lesson

What We DoEmpowering Educational Futures

Imagine a world where volunteers not only share their expertise but also bring a unique blend of skills to educate children in Africa. In this inspiring initiative, individuals with a passion for both education and equestrianism unite to make a lasting impact. These dedicated volunteers not only impart essential academic knowledge but also introduce children to the transformative world of horse skills.

What We DoFostering Animal Care & Well-Being

We are deeply committed to assisting and contributing to animal care within the African community. Our focus on animal welfare aims to make a positive impact, not only enhancing the well-being of the animals but also contributing to the overall health and resilience of the community. We believe that initiatives promoting responsible pet ownership, raising awareness about veterinary care, and encouraging sustainable animal husbandry practices are essential.

Young Boy Herding Cows in the Communal Lands

Meet theEquestrian Team

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about
Wild Bhiza Horses and Natural Horsemanship

We believe that the key to successful volunteer horsemanship is teamwork,
and we have assembled a team with unmatched experience and passion.